Children's Literature in Southern Africa

Lifeline For Lee

Fish Hoek High series, Book 1

by Katherine Graham

Lifeline For Lee

ISBN: 9781370395750

Publisher: Word Count


Language: English

Genre: Fiction

Age Range: 13-18 years

Country: South Africa

Description: Seventeen-year-old Lee Madison has everything going for her - beauty, brains and a suntan to die for. But when a young boy drowns on her watch at Fish Hoek Beach, a chain of events is sparked off which leaves Lee teetering on the brink of self-destruction. Will her friends and family succeed in convincing her that life is still worth living?

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![Book Cover: Lifeline for Lee, Fish Hoek High, Part One, RSA][1]

Amazon Review:

By Lynn Chamberson, March 22, 2017

"A really enjoyable book that's gripping and pulls you into the story. It's also a book that people can relate to, and I thoroughly recommend it! Well done, Katherine!" (written by Amy Chambers)


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