Children's Literature in Southern Africa


PUKU se onderhoud met Alan Glass, skrywer van Oliver se Omlyning

Alan Glass lyk entoesiasties maar moeg. Dis duidelik dat hy reeds ‘n besige oggend agter die rug het. Met ‘n kitaar oor een skouer geslinger drentel hy in gedagte by ons verby terwyl hy gretig die verrigtinge om hom inneem.

Die Rene England Ouditorium (St John’s College, Houghton) is tydens ons onderhoud ook die bymekaarkomplek vir die jaarlikse

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Pieter van der Lugt

Pieter van der Lugt is 'n vryskutskrywer en -redakteur wat in musiek, TV, film, popkultuur, humor en skryfwerk vir kinders spesialiseer. Hy was vir baie jare Huisgenoot en You se vermaakredakteur.

As vryskut sedert 2005 kan hy later slaap en 'n groter verskeidenheid werk doen, sê hy. Dit sluit o.a. vertaal- en redigeerwerk vir *National

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Sinovuyo Nkonki

Looking back, Sinovuyo Nkonki remembers wanting to tell an authentic South African story centred on a matric dance. She penned her first romance novel at the age of 19 (Crooked Halo) which she based on her own first love experience. Although painful to tell, she found the process healing.

After the success of Crooked Halo Sinovuyo is

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Rachel Morgan

Rachel Morgan is one of South-Africa's very talented childrens's book authors, illustrators and storytellers! She is probably best known for her Sleepy Hollow series. And, the author says: "Growing up, I have never had a problem believing in the unseen. The tooth fairy? Sure! You got it!" PUKU was delighted when the author agreed to be interviewed

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Lauri Kubuitisile

Lauri Kubuitisile is a full time fiction writer living in Botswana. In order to make a living, she also writes TV scripts,textbooks, news articles, lesson plans, radio scripts and anything else that requires words being placed in a pattern on a page.

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Sarah Lotz

Sarah Lots says she has "... an awful amount of fun."

Writing since the age of 5 the screenwriter and novelist with a fondness for the macabre and fake names has become a force to be reckoned with in the literary world. The escapism and wish-fulfilment aspect of YA literature appeals to her and she has written a YA zombie series with her daughter,

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